Kitabım (My Book)

I’m here with a brand new book that has no similar in Turkey.


This book is a story-writing book. Its target audience is primarily parents, followed by teachers, professionals working with children, and in its most general form, anyone who wants to contribute to the growth processes of children. It is written to tell you that you can write stories specific to the child and his/her situation.

Now, let’s come to the content of the book; there are 3 different magics I want to convey in this book. The moment you open the page of the book, you actually made 3 wishes from me.

In summary;

The sole aim of the book is to help you discover how you can transform and balance the challenging behaviors of children in a fun and magical way. Especially in the last section, I wanted to create a guide by showing how you will handle challenging behaviors with example stories for challenging behaviors identified universally. These stories are generally suitable for children aged 3-8, but we don’t know who the stories that have no limits and extend to infinity will affect, right? A story written for a 5-year-old can take an adult back to his own childhood in a time machine and can cause him to open the lid of a treasure he never opened before.

First, learning why stories are so powerful and what scientific studies on this are;

Second, learning the importance of storytelling in the family and what its contribution to Attachment Theory is;

And third -our main topic- learning tips to write and narrate effective stories that will help balance challenging behaviors with the power of metaphor. In the book, I will be telling all I want to say around these 3 magic wishes of yours.

So then, let’s start this magical journey all together…

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