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About Me

Who is Nihal Altunsuzer?

“I am Nihal Altunsuzer, born in Adana in September 1978. I am married and have two sons and a lovely cat. My life was shaped in Turkiye from 1987 to 2022. However, since January 2022, my family and I have been living in the USA as a quirk of fate

After an active and successful student life, I graduated from Çukurova University in 2002 with a degree in Physics. In 2005, I completed my master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the same university. I worked as a manager in leading companies in the Food and Electronics sectors for about 16 years.

Starting my journey of self-realization in 2012, I participated in numerous domestic and international training and read many books. After completing a one-year training, I began coaching by obtaining Professional Life Coaching certification approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).”

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“I had purchased a package of 3 sessions from Nihal. After meeting her, I can swear you’d ask yourself, ‘Where have you been all this time?’ I had mentioned that the voice in my head never stopped when I went for my first session with her. As soon as our process began, I discovered what that voice was and learned how to manage it. With the personalized methods she provided and the constant support I felt from her, I experienced rapid transformations and witnessed how beautifully she changed my life. I had embarked on such a correct path that everything continued to improve even more. Through practices aimed at enhancing my creative power, abundance, and prosperity increased in my life. We even bought our own house, something I had considered impossible before meeting Nihal.

Finding such a well-equipped and wonderfully developed individual motivates me to transform more aspects of my life. If, by reading this, I become a catalyst for even one person to reach out to her without hesitation, it would make me so happy. Choose yourself and definitely meet Nihal.”

Ezgi E., Self-Actualization Coaching Session

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“I have been reading personal development books for a long time, but until now, I only gained theoretical knowledge, and I realized that walking this path alone would be challenging. Until I met Nihal and started the sessions. The sessions are still ongoing, but all the exercises we have done have almost eliminated my worries about the future. I learned to appreciate the beautiful things in my life, and as I expressed gratitude, material and spiritual abundance started flowing to me.

Right now, I am occupied with getting to know myself and my beliefs, and I know that when I truly understand myself and my beliefs, the transformation I’ve been eagerly awaiting will begin. That’s why I am so happy and peaceful. The awareness I’m experiencing is opening up new windows for me each day. I am going through this process, believing in Nihal and trusting her, and I am grateful to have met her!

Eyla P., Self-Actualization Coaching Session